GBBO Week 2 – Biscuits

Week 2 – Biscuits


I had sympathy for all of the bakers in week 2. Biscuits shouldn’t be too difficult to make, however when faced with the challenge of making a sculpture from Gingerbread you can understand why there was so many disasters in the tent. Not only does the recipe for the biscuits have to be spot on, but you also have to decide on the right substance to ‘stick’ it all together that will hold the desired shape.


As I am only baking along for fun I decided against a gingerbread sculpture and went for the Viennese Whirls as they looked a little challenging, but a lot easier! I decided to super size them and only made 9, well 8 big ones and a little one for Grace to taste. For the flavour I went for Ginger whirls filled with lemon buttercream. The best tip is to have really soft butter, as when I was mixing it I made sure it was almost runny, and that left the mixture loose enough to pipe and thankfully it kept the shape. Whilst I was heating up the oven I put the biscuits in the freezer, to ensure that they didn’t melt as soon as it went into the hot oven.

These biscuits are designed to be crumbly and that is exactly how I would describe them. Itfinished whirls was so tricky to move the biscuits to the cooling rack, you could feel the delicateness of the biscuit. To sandwich them together I made some buttercream and added some lovely lemon curd, which was carefully piped on the biscuits, and they tops slowly lowered. It was a relief to finish with a little dusting of icing sugar. I have to admit they were a little over baked as my oven is to temperamental, it doesn’t matter how low you put it, everything becomes brown quickly!!


Next Week….. Bread Week!!


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