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Family of Bakewell

Strawberry Bakewell TartThis was another weekend when I knew I wanted to bake but just didn’t know what to make. I am trying to try push myself and try to challenge myself. And I think you will agree that pastry is certainly  a challenge!! I thought I would have a go at a Bakewell tart, but this was tricky as I am sure you know the basic ingredients of such a tart is Raspberry jam and Flaked almonds for decoration, both of which was not present in my baking cupboard. But not to be put off I decided to try it with some strawberry jam and when it came to decorating I thought an abstract look with icing would do the trick.

The recipe I used came from a baking book by Jo Wheatley and I have to say I do have both of her books and they have great recipes to do yourself or with children. So when making the pastry it was vital that I didn’t handle the pastry too much and had to make sure that I chilled the pastry. I made sure I rolled the pastry out the desired thickness, and I managed to line the tin without the pastry ripping, but I have to say that I was left with a bit left as you can see from the picture I managed to make 2 individual tart also.

To bake blind you should always use beans or rice to weigh the pastry down, but as I didn’t the pastry did rise a little, bit I cheated a little by poking the case whilst baking to let the air out. This seemed to do the trick but going forward I will be investing in baking beans as no one wants a pastry case with holes in the bottom!!

I smothered the base with some Duerrs Strawberry jam that I had picked up in Sainsburys for only 20p!! It wasn’t going out of date, I think the packaging was being updated so they were selling the old design off, don’t mind if I do!

The sponge mixture was easy to mix up and of course the smell of the ground almonds and almond extract just adds to the lovely flavour and smell. as previously mentioned I was not completely prepared for making this tart and with the omission of flaked almonds for the top I decided to add a little more almond extract which I think did work.

When the tarts came out of the oven, I went a little crazy with the icing but I think it worked. And of course the proof is in the tasting and all of the tarts only lasted 2 days so I think that says it all!

It is all about planning so next time I will make sure I have all of the ingredients but then that is the fun of baking sometimes, trying different flavours can see you coming up with a new taste sensation.


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