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Swiss Roll, Madeleines and Chocolate Traybake

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This post is just really about a few tings I have made over the past few weeks, just because I felt like doing some baking. On a random Sunday night I thought it would be a good idea to make a Swiss Roll to take to work. I decided to follow a Mary Berry recipe as she is the Queen of cakes! I had only ever made a yule log before so I was a little worried about it not working but as you can see from the pictures it actually turned out ok and with minimal cracks! It is amazing the sins that a dusting icing sugar can hide. I filled this Swiss Roll with a raspberry jam that was quite tart, and the cake got the thumbs up at work.

20140226_195546Most lunchtimes I wander round the shops looking at everything from Clothes, to baking books and new baking equipment. On one of my trips to Sainsburys I spotted a Madeleine tray that was half price, so I had to take advantage of the offer, and because I did, I had to try it that day! I followed the recipe from John Whaite Bakes and I did wonder if and how the cakes would come out of the tin. Thankfully there was a tip in the recipe that i hadn’t heard of before but I tried it and it worked like a treat. Once the tin has been greased and floured, pop it in the freezer until you need it. 



Although the recipe did say to cover the cooled cakes in the icing but I didn’t have enough icing sugar so I decided to just make up some pink water icing and drizzled it over the cakes and again these cakes made it to work and got their seal of approval.

So my final bake on this post happened as I watched Mary Berry Cooks on a Tuesday night and I was going to be making a cake for a meeting at work. Combining both of these things seen me make the Chocolate Traybake, as seen on the 1st episode. The recipe was really easy to follow and although the mixture was quite runny the outcome was really tasty. The topping of chocolate ganache was so nice and the feathering is so effective.








Christmas cakes 2013

Christmas cakes

This was my last major baking task of 2013 and they came out quite well I think! I set myself a little challenge of making 5 individual Christmas caked, well I say I set the challenge, to be honest these caked for my Mum to give as gifts and to enjoy herself so how could I say no! I used a Mary Berry recipe for 1 large cake and divided a square tin into 4 and used a 4 inch round tin.

I did feed the cakes over a good few weeks with brandy and I spent a whole day decorating these cakes, I enjoyed making my little fondant penguin and snowman as I am definitely a novice when it comes to modelling, but I think they came out ok. My favourite cake had to be the round one, as I think the holly wreath was really effective. And the good news was that my Mum was happy with them all. And that is what it all about, seeing people happy with my little creations.


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